-Realistic physics

-Decent landscape
-Easy controls of plane – uses accelerators & touch screen (for Landing Gear, Brake, Throttle, and Flaps)
-several camera angles
-lots of applicable situations to fly in
-UI is nice – even trhough is it much more compact compared to X-Plane
that runes on a Mac or PC, the interface is well organized.

-One type of landscape – mountainous
-Only 4 aircrafts
-It would have been nice to have some missions of some sort. – like flying from one airport to another.
-Crashes may occur – to fix this, restart iPhone before running X-Plane
(this is a known issue) – the app takes up nearly all the RAM on the
-Propeller animation is not realistic



I have been wanting a flight simulator application for my computer but my PC doesn’t have enough RAM and my MAC’s OSX isn’t updated enough (yeah yeah I know…) So for me, I was really excited to get this application. What I am getting at is – I have very little experience with operating flight simulators, but here’s my take:

(landing, without gear…)

(An in-flight camera angle)

The preference pane, allows you to set random events – long/short landing, takeoff, random flight, random location, time of day type of cloud cover, wind speed, type of pane (4 planes) and the weight of the plane and weight distribution.