WootOn is an app for people that shop at Woot.com.
-Displays Woot of the day & Shirt.Woot & Wine.Woot
-Has auto-refresh option
-Plays sound when new item is available (on/off option)

-Takes a little while for the picture detail to load – doesn’t allow zooming.
-Recently it keeps crashing (especially if it cannot get the data feed.)


Not Recommended


Woot is a company that has “a deal-a-day” in which they sell one item for only that one day. Every now and then a Woot Off will occur in which several items show up throughout the day and the items come on a first come first serve basis. If there is a small amount in stock of that item, then it will pass very quickly and a new item will appear. In knowing this, a refreshing option is very important in this situation.

In the end I recommend going with WootWatch