WiFi Disk turns your iPhone into a portable drive – allowing you to carry your files with you on your iPhone. Only thing that you need is a WiFi connection for your iPhone and your computer to be connected to the same network (LAN or WiFi).

-Use the web or FTP to transfer files
-Password & Username protectable
-Ability to customize web interface that a computer accesses
-Allows creation of directory and text files
-Ability to import pictures from the iPhone itself.

-Can’t view files via “file folder” view
-when tapping on the web address note, a blank screen appears.
-After editing a text document, no way to return to full-screen mode.
-Inability to save into a standard *.txt, *.rtf, or *.doc format.

The initial screen displays a Floppy Disk and written on it is the contents of the files being accessed within the app. In the bottom right-hand corner is a “settings coin,” there you can determine whether you want to allow people to connect to the device, password & username protect it, change fonts, etc.

In the bottom left-hand corner, is the web address & FTP address that you can connect to. The standard “i” button lists a help file that should answer some of you questions if you have any. Other than being able to tap on the floppy disk to access your files, you can also tap on the button in the upper right-hand corner to view your files.

In viewing your files, you have numerous options. The bar at the bottom from left to right allows you to – refresh the file view; sort by name (ascending/descending;) sort by size (ascending/descending;) sort by date modified (ascending/descending;) and access a pop-up menu which allows you to delete all files, import a picture, create a file or create a directory.

If you import a picture you can do so either from your library or via the camera. If you decide to create a file, you first name the file, then you are taken back to view all the files. If you tap on the name of the file you just created, you can edit the file by tapping in the white area. You can also change the encoding of the text (UTF-8, ASCI!, etc) and have the ability to find a certain text and replace it with another text if you wish. When viewing these files through the web browser, they appear at simple *.htm text files that you can copy & paste into a document.

At $1.99 this is one of the cheaper file transfer apps and is recommended if you simply want to transfer files to and from your iPhone. The main things that need to be fixed here are the first three items liste3d in the “cons” section below. After that this application would absolutely be worth the two dollars.