NOTE: See the News tab above to see recent update about this app.

What’s On is a TV program look up for your TV cable or satellite in your area.

-Simple & easy to use Interface
-Wide range of coverage (I think they are about to include Canada in their listings as well)
-Color Coding Channels
-Nice UI
-Ability to edit the channels that show up in your listing (add/remove)
-When loading browse window it automatically load to your current date & time.

-Ad Supported
-Every other launch includes a full length ad, without getting past until timer ends.
-While NOW it’s FREE, it did not start out that way. For some that paid for the program, are now stuck with ads in-app.

Was $1.99 , Now FREE


After you have entered your zip code, the app lists different broadcasting services in your area, like- DirectTV, Grande Telecom., Suddenlink Comm., etc. They have now a “locate me” feature for quicker lookup.

The Browse window shows all the channels for the service you selected.

I like the new interface, it looks better and has a nice channel color coding feature:

Purple – Movie

Orange – News

Green – Sports

In the browse window you can scroll through the channels just like you would with your contacts.
If you swipe your finger (like flipping through pictures), you move through time, in 30 minute intervals. The buttons in the top left and right corners when tapped move forward or backward by a day. If you can
navigate through you contacts with ease, then you should have no trouble navigating this app.

If you click on a title, it will give you details if any. You can also send the listing by e-mail to   whomever you want as a reminder.

If you have a show that you want to look up often, you can create a favorites list, that way all your  favorite shows and their next show times are in one view, or you can view them in Alphabetical order, or customize the order.

And finally this handy dandy app allows you to search for a show. So far I have found this app to work the best for what it does. The UI that they have updated is really really nice, especially the channel color coding.