Update: The ad also seems to appear after about every 10 searches.

It has recently come to our attention that NapkingStudio’s What’s On? application has been updated to 2.01 . This version, while it does fix some bugs, it also integrates a fullscreen, 5 second ad upon starting the app. (Note: Others have have stated that there are other areas where this occurs; however, I cannot confirm it.) While the app is free, I have no issue with developers placing ads within the app itself; however, where I disagree with this action, is the fact that people have paid for the application previously (I originally paid $1.99) and are now being “penalized for it.”

Quite frankly, it infuriates me. If a developer wants to add ads to their app that’s free – fine. But don’t penalize others that have paid for the “premium” to help that developer. The developer should highly consider removing the ads from the current version and have people pay for it. Then create a free, “lite” version of the app with ads. If the app stays the way it is now, the rating for this application are going to plummet drastically.

Due to this decision, I drop its previous ranking of 5/5 to a now 2.5/5