Wallpaper notes is an application that allows its user to create notes on a “sticky” then set it as their wallpaper.
-Good idea
-Multi-colored fonts

-Font too small
-Some colors of the font are hard to read
-No option to change color of font nor background
-Accidental deleting on lines can happen with ease

The application is very simple – only one screen. You tap each colored line to delete the demo text and enter whatever you want into that line.

When you save the picture, it is put into your Camera Roll.

From there you can set is as your wallpaper.


  • The light blue color against the yellow “sticky” is a bit hard to read
  • It is sometimes hard to tap the line you want, as sometimes you might tap a previous line you have written and end up deleting it – no fun.
  • Font is too small
  • No options for changing colors of font or background

This is a simple application and a relatively good idea, however, I think it has one major issue that doesn’t make it worthwhile to use – the tapping on the small lines, thus deleting the line. It would be nice to be able to increase the size of the font, as even for me, the text is too small.
When saving the “sticky” you’ll notice that the background is white. I think it would be nice to have an option for a black background as it would be nicer looking with the black theme of the iPhone.