Wallpaper Maker adds your contact info to any picture on your iPhone.

-Easy & Simple UI
-Up to 3 lines of information
-Colors of text & bar blend in with standard iPhone theme.
-Choose whether your info is at the top of bottom.
-Ability to customize font color of size

-Horizontal photos are cropped and stretched


I think this is a handy application to have. I’d really like to see the ability to choose whether you would like to crop horizontal photos or have them centered. I can see this application staying on my iPhone for a little while, then being deleted, only to be resurrected when I want to change my wallpaper.

The application itself is very simple.

When you first starts the app, you enter your contact info (Name, Phone, & e-mail). While it asks you for these things, I suppose you could enter any information you wanted to in the blanks. However, the first line will be a little bigger than the rest of the text. The color and the font of the text can be changed later.

This screen will not appear again, unless you tap the edit button within the app.

In the main part of the app, you select a picture from your photo roll (or take one with your camera). Then you select whether you want your info to appear just below the time (Top) or right above the slide-to-unlock button (bottom.) Next you can set the size of the font and the type of font.
You also have the ability to change the color for each line of information. To view all the different colors, merely scroll through them like you would with your contacts. Then you can either preview your image or save your wallpaper. Photos are saved to the camera roll. The app also provides instructions on how to set your wallpaper in case you’re unsure on how to.

That’s it! That’s all that is to it. It’s a very simple app and very
easy to use.

The app stretches, centers, & crops horizontal photos to the screen rather than centering them, like they appear in the camera roll

NOTE: You might notice that I have icons in-line with my text on my wallpaper. I used the emoticons-keyboard to get these.