Vegan Yum Yum Mobile is an app that allows a user to access several Vegan recipes with pictures, ingredient checklist and picture guided instructions.

-Unique & well-executed Interface
-Ingredient Checklist
-Numerous Photos in Directions
-Favorites List

-Only Vegan Recipes
-No way to edit recipes



The main thing I liked about this app, is that it is well designed and executed. I would love (and even pay for) a “normal” version with meat etc.

The application starts you with a list of recipes, displayed as you see your contacts.

You also have the ability to search through the recipes for keywords (as you would with your contacts.)
In the standard window, in the top-left corner is the “bookmarked” icon or also know as the favorites list. You have the ability to add or remove recipes to your favorites list. The picture below shows a list that comes standard in the favorites list (can be edited).

Upon clicking on a recipe title, you will be shown a very nice photo of the entree. Also a star-icon in the top right-hand corner appears, this allows you to select the current recipe as a favorite.

As you scroll down you will see the Ingredients list. You have the ability to check-off your ingredients as you go down the list. A very nice feature if you ask me.

Some recipes have “optional ingredients” that are recommended if you wish to add them to the recipe.
As you scroll down you will also find instructions, the instructions also have pictures! This is an excellent idea, especially for beginning chefs. I would really love a “beginner’s Guide on Cooking Basics” or something of the like that is formatted this way.

At the current time of this posting there are 70 recipes in the application. The application is updated via VeganYumYum’s blog. When a new recipe is posted it will show up in the list with a blue dot to the right of the title (as you would see for a new /unheard Podcast in iTunes.) At the bottom of each recipe, you can find a link to the original blog post that can be opened in the