UFO on Tape is a totally unique game and has the potential to be a truly viral game! The concept revolving (pun intended) around the game is that you must follow with your iPhone a UFO in the sky. The game starts up with you looking out the window of a moving car, your score is calculated by how long you can keep the UFO within the frame on you iPhone. You control the game by using the Gyroscope or the Accelerometer. So, yes, people will wonder why the heck you are waving your iPhone around yourself wildly…

I’ve always been impressed by intros to games. While this is a unique concept all together, I absolutely loved the simplistic & realistic camera-riding-in-the-backseat menu. The menu is simple – play the game, change setting or view scores (integrates with Game Center!)

The game itself is fairly simple – don’t lose track of the UFO.

In the bottom right, you the time you have kept track of the UFO, in the top-left, if you lose track of the UFO, the battery will begin to die – it seems that if you lose sight of the UFO for more than 3 seconds, then it’s game over. Another tidbit that might help you with your sightings, if you lose the UFO, a voice (according to the developers, your girlfriend) will attempt to help you find it again. The voice will also talk to you throughout the playtime.

On the main menu, as stated before, you have the ability whether you want to choose from several options: music on/off, control types, etc.

Lastly (and for some, most importantly) there is Game Center integration to  compare score against your friends.

Overall this is a pretty cool game and for $0.99 it’s definitely something to experience! the only reason I left off a star is, I’d like the ability to change scenery or the ability to follow the UFO to the back window or to the other side of the car – or better yet, how about a full 360 degree view (then people will think you really crazy as they watch you spin in circles, then git horrible upset as you lose the UFO sighting)

4/5 stars