True or Lie is an application that acts as a Lie Detector.

Ths app uses a method that I haven’t seen in the app store. You begin by placing the microphone of the iPod earbuds headset on the artery on your throat so that the app can “hear” your pulse. Once the app picks up your pulse, you can then ask questions to the person you took the pulse of and watch the meter to see whether they “Lie” or are telling the “Truth.”


The layout of the application is relatively simple- you have the meter on the main part of the screen, a switch near the bottom to switch between the lie detector or to measure a person’s heart rate. Then you have 3 buttons at the very bottom to tell you – how to use, to measure, and to reset.

When using the Lie detector, I was unable to follow the directions, as I do not have the special earbuds, so I replicated my heart rate approximately by tapping the mic on the iPhone, I then spoke a few truthful statement and a few false statements, is was a bit disturbing to see that is was uniquely correct about 80% of the time. Much better than some of the other applications that I have seen in the appstore. So does it work? Well I can;t say for sure, as I am not quite following the directions. I will eventually try it like the instructions say. Regrading the instructions, the text is awful in that the grammar is WAY off. The developer is obviously not a native English speaker.

The other part of this application, is the Heart Rate monitor, I again had to tap on the mic for my approximate heart rate – it was close, but it could have been off due to the way I was tapping the mic. Also I am not quite sure how well the mic will work on the Apple iPhone headset – whether it is sensitive or not to pick up your heart rate.


I really like the graphics in the application as they look very realistic for both the lie detector and the heart rate monitor,

This is one of those unique applications that can sometimes work and sometimes not so much. Again, as I said before, I really didn’t follow the direction like I should have, but it ended up being about 80% correct, so that in itself , to me, is impressive. At $2.99 for an “entertainment” app I think is a little on the high side. For $1.99, I think would be just right.

-Great graphics
-bette accuracy than other “lie detector” apps
-Lie detector and heart rate monitor

-Instructions have bad English grammar
-Isn’t always accurate
-Must have special headphones to use (Apple’s headphone/mic combo)