Mobile Video

-Fun puzzle game
-Setting panel can be fun to play with
-Auto save & resume
-Simple controls

-Early levels can prove difficult and frustrating. (However changing some of the settings might fix this.)
-Can’t save multiple games for multiple users.


This little app reminds me of an app that I had on my old jail broken iPhone. I think it was called iPhysics or something like that. Well if you know the app I am talking about, imagine that but as a “lite version.”

touchPhysics is a series of simple (sometime not so simple) puzzles in which you have to make a little purple ball touch the yellow star. Sound easy? Think again, as you progress through the levels, they slowly begin to get harder. There are a total of 30 levels to go through not bad for this little app.

In order to complete the levels you have to draw “lines” (drawing a straight line with your finger/crayon); “polygons” (drawing the objects with your finger/crayon) and “small squares” (by tapping the screen once) that hit the purple ball in order to get the purple ball to hit the yellow star.

You can also remove an item from the screen by double tapping the object. And it you find yourself stuck, just shake (and hold onto your iPhone) to erase the shapes you have created.

You can also change some of the setting in the setting panel – like friction, gravity, and elasticity. You also have the option of adjusting the music, turning off of changing the playlist.

For $0.99 (right now, normally $1.99) this is a great little app to keep you entertained for a few hours (or more).
I would really like to see the more levels added and the ability to save multiple users progress.