Over the past few weeks we have been working with Marco R. della Cava and his article – It’s an app world, and it could swallow all computing. We were asked to pick some of the best and worst apps to exist in the iTunes app store, specifically for the USA Today audience. Matt Sawyers is quoted for saying many of the things about the apps; however, the work was split between Brie Kocian and Matt Sawyers.

So many apps, so little time. USA TODAY’s Marco R. della Cava asked Matt Sawyers, who along with a few Texas-based tech friends started TheiPhoneAppBlog.com, to list five largely iPhone-centric apps that really rocked his world — and five he wishes never existed:


• Waze (Waze, free), a community-based turn-by-turn navigation system. A clever way to get real-time traffic alerts based on input from others using the same app. “Every now and then an app wows us, and this is one,” Sawyers says.

• The Oregon Trail (Gameloft, $4.99), a pioneering adventure game that mixes the mundane with history. Although usually not a big app game fan, Sawyer says the combination of myriad games-within-games and amazing graphics “will keep you entertained for a long time.”

• What’s on TV? (Napkin Studio, free), a handy entertainment guide in your pocket. Providing everything from TV listings to movie times to information about your favorite actors, this app “can even send you updates about the latest buzz in the entertainment industry,” Sawyers says.

• Grocery iQ (Coupons Inc.,99 cents), which can make that penciled-out grocery list a thing of the past. Putting together a shopping list is as easy as using your phone to scan the bar codes off items you’re running low on at home. “This app even has a sharing feature that takes an item off your partner’s list as soon as you do, so you never buy doubles,” Sawyers says.

• Photoshop Mobile (Photoshop, free), which lets you touch up your iPhotos with a mobile darkroom. For anyone “wanting to make small adjustments to their phone photos on the go, this is a great app,” Sawyers says. He notes that photos can be cropped, rotated, flipped and color-adjusted with just a few finger swipes.


• Accurate Scale (SolarEclipseSoft,99 cents), the iPhone as micro-scale. “If you need a scale, buy a scale,” says Sawyers, who adds that items need to be dropped from a few inches. “We got different results each time,” he says — not to mention a dinged screen.

• fishFart (ilovelava, 99 cents), where you can enjoy a moment of fish bliss. “Do we really need to explain?” Sawyers asks. Animation of red bubbles in green water — accompanied by a loop of a bubbling sound — does not a great app make.

• iWarmer (Kooapps, $1.99), where you can warm up by the glow of the screen. You get a variety of “hot” objects to stare at, so the warming is purely psychological. “Laugh at apps like this when they come by,” Sawyers says. “We do.”

• FatBurner 2K (DailyBurn, 99 cents), where you supposedly lose weight by burning fat through vibrations. “Do. Not. Want,” Sawyers says. “One of the worst apps in the store, and one of us was a sucker and purchased it.”

• Evil Oven (Roman Pfneudl,99 cents), the first mobile stovetop for your iPhone. Now off the market, this one set the bar for “the pointless and worst-app-ever category,” Sawyers says. On screen, you simply see the fading in and out of an orange stovetop. “Glad no one else will get burned by this app.”

While these apps (particularly the Noteable ones) were picked with USA Today’s audience in mind, we can’t say they are absolutly the BEST in the App Store. We recommend reading the whole article & let us know what you think!