Air Video

Pros: -Great interface -Live conversion of videos -Add multiple servers -Compression settings galore -Select audio streams -Create compression presets -Conversions are very goodCons: -Remote server can be tricky to set up as Port forwarding doesn’t work on all networks -Smaller, less resourceful computers, will not be able to run the software. 4.6/5 I was quiteContinue reading “Air Video”

Video Index

Below is an index of all the app review videos that have been used here (even some that do not have written reviews for them & they are marked by an “*”) AAnimatoAniWeatherAppsShoppingArchibald* BBrothers In ArmsBugz CCameraBag DDieticianDone EePhotoEdge FFingerPianoFireTaskFitness Day JournalFuzzyShot 2.0 GGenerator*GeoTones*GlyphGoal TenderGuitar Rock Tour HHabit CheckHerbs & SpicesHero of Sparta IiAstrologyIlluminationsI LoveContinue reading “Video Index”

New Review Layout

I’ve decided to change the layout of my reviews – The video will be first followed by my given rank, pros & cons, followed by the review. I think this will help some readers who just want a quick view of the app, rather than having to scroll all the way to the bottom inContinue reading “New Review Layout”


Kooaba allow you to take a picture of a movie poster, then looks up the info about the movie.