Video Index

Below is an index of all the app review videos that have been used here (even some that do not have written reviews for them & they are marked by an “*”) AAnimatoAniWeatherAppsShoppingArchibald* BBrothers In ArmsBugz CCameraBag DDieticianDone EePhotoEdge FFingerPianoFireTaskFitness Day JournalFuzzyShot 2.0 GGenerator*GeoTones*GlyphGoal TenderGuitar Rock Tour HHabit CheckHerbs & SpicesHero of Sparta IiAstrologyIlluminationsI LoveContinue reading “Video Index”

New Review Layout

I’ve decided to change the layout of my reviews – The video will be first followed by my given rank, pros & cons, followed by the review. I think this will help some readers who just want a quick view of the app, rather than having to scroll all the way to the bottom inContinue reading “New Review Layout”