TiPAb Site Update

Recently the Federal Trade Commission decided to begin regulating blogging – bloggers must now disclose whether or not they have received a product they reviewed for free directly from the company; in this case receiving app promo codes. The FTC began this, because for instance […] what some consumers might not know is that manyContinue reading “TiPAb Site Update”

Video Index

Below is an index of all the app review videos that have been used here (even some that do not have written reviews for them & they are marked by an “*”) AAnimatoAniWeatherAppsShoppingArchibald* BBrothers In ArmsBugz CCameraBag DDieticianDone EePhotoEdge FFingerPianoFireTaskFitness Day JournalFuzzyShot 2.0 GGenerator*GeoTones*GlyphGoal TenderGuitar Rock Tour HHabit CheckHerbs & SpicesHero of Sparta IiAstrologyIlluminationsI LoveContinue reading “Video Index”