Mobile Version Pros: -Numerous options to choose from -Fun application to personalize your photos Cons: -Lag time on more than about 10 objects placed on the photo -Bad placement of developer’s website link -limited to 14 objects -lacking objects from running sports (marathons, track, ice skating) Sports Brush is a simple photo editing application thatContinue reading “SportsBrush”

Photo Brush

Mobile Version Pros: -Numerous options to choose from -Great little photo (stamp) editor -Has a lot of objects of varying holidays and other Cons: -Lag time on more than about 10 objects placed on the photo when having both switches in the “on” position -Bad placement of developer’s website link Photo Brush is a simpleContinue reading “Photo Brush”


ePhoto is an ingenious application, it allows you to send more than one photo via email to whom ever you wish. Layout: You begin in the program by selecting the photos that you want out of you photo album or camera roll. After each selection of a photo you can either add another photo, clearContinue reading “ePhoto”


Peeps is a new and interesting way to view your contacts- by their pictures! Pros: -Cover-flow viewing of contacts -Easy and quick setup -Create your own groups. Cons: -Viewing in Cover-flow is fickle When you first open the application, all you contact are loaded into the app. For me it only took about 5 secondContinue reading “Peeps”


Camera bag is a simple and creative application. It allows you to apply several different filters to a picture you have already taken our one that you can take within the  application itself. Besides the filters themselves, you have the option to choose which  resolution you wish to use. The higher the resolution the longerContinue reading “CameraBag”


Mobile Ver. Pros: -Best way to send a photo to another iPhone user -Easy UI & direct Cons: -No direct reply to SMS sender (not really sure they can do anything about it though) $0.99 The Story: “Dude, look at that!” said my friend. I spun around to find a book titled “WTF!” I thoughtContinue reading “Quip”


Pano is a simple (yet complex) and impressive application that allows you to take pictures and stitch them together on your iPhone.


Earthscape is somewhat comparable to Google Earth, but for iPhone.