Stick It

Pros: -Multiple backgrounds -Add photo as background -Numerous “stickies,” “miscellaneous objects,” & “Comic Bubbles” to choose from. -Multiple colors, sizes, and fonts for text. Cons: -Cannot re-size stickies -Cannot add a photo as a “sticky” -No script-style fonts -When “flipping” through each sticky, it slides from one to the other a little slow. -Cannot saveContinue reading “Stick It”

Wallpaper Notes

Wallpaper notes is an application that allows its user to create notes on a “sticky” then set it as their wallpaper. Pros: -Good idea -Multi-colored fonts Cons: -Font too small -Some colors of the font are hard to read -No option to change color of font nor background -Accidental deleting on lines can happen withContinue reading “Wallpaper Notes”