Pros -Multiple ways of retrieving documents onto your iPhone -512MB of server storage -nice document viewer -document logos make finding documents easier -Ability to sync iPhone with server & vice versa -Book marking in documents Cons -In doc viewer, tapping bottom of screen makes doc auto scroll, can be annoying at times -Has trouble handlingContinue reading “Readdledocs”

New Review Layout

I’ve decided to change the layout of my reviews – The video will be first followed by my given rank, pros & cons, followed by the review. I think this will help some readers who just want a quick view of the app, rather than having to scroll all the way to the bottom inContinue reading “New Review Layout”


Mobile Version Pros: -Good particle graphics -Asteroid-like game play but much more colorful -Tilt-controls are accurate (not too sensitive, but just right) -5 weapon upgrades to use Cons: -No way to reset the neutral position for tilt controls -After dying (show meter falls too far) you must start over from level 1 Illuminations is developedContinue reading “Illuminations”


Note: EDGE is currently not available in the app store due to a legal conflict. However, it looks like they are making the push to get it pack in the app store. Quite frankly, we hope they do because this is one of our favorite & highest ranked games we have reviewed. Pros: -Addicting gameContinue reading “Edge”