Finger Cookbook

Pros: -Badge icon appears on downloads icon to notify you of new “cookbooks” -User submitted recipes with photos -Sort recipes by different filters -Easy to use UI -Metric & English measurement conversion tables.Cons: -Occasional crash when refreshing the Downloads page. -No ingredient or step check off list. -If you press the “sleep” button on yourContinue reading “Finger Cookbook”


This app was originally free at the time of reviewing. As of 11-12-09 the app is currently $1.99 . The current rating does not reflect the price change. —————————————— FATN stands for Free App To Note iPlant is a really neat application, it is a reference for you to view the medical and culinary informationContinue reading “iPlant”


Vegan Yum Yum Mobile is an app that allows a user to access several Vegan recipes with pictures, ingredient checklist and picture guided instructions. Mobile Pros: -Unique & well-executed Interface -Ingredient Checklist -Numerous Photos in Directions -Favorites List Cons: -Only Vegan Recipes -No way to edit recipes 4.7/5 FREE The main thing I liked aboutContinue reading “VeganYumYum”


So you go to a new sushi restaurant in town, you think, “man I bet they have an awesome yellow tail roll here”. You are seated at a table by the beautiful waitress, you open the menu, and low and hold…the menu uses terms that you know nothing about. You think to yourself, “I couldContinue reading “SushiTime”

Shelf Life

ShelfLife is a very simple application – it determines when you should throw out certain food in your fridge.