Animoto – FATN Review

FATN stands for Free App To Note What is Animoto? Animoto gives you the ability to create photomontages with transitions and music all on your iPhone, well sort of… you’ll need an Internet connection as well.

Slydial – FATN Review

**NOTE: While the app is still free the services are now pay-per-use or subscription-based. However, there is a trial offer. * FATN stands for Free App To Note*

Speed Dial #1-4 – FATN

FATN stands for Free App To Note Pros: -Quick -Easy to set up -Does exactly what is supposed to do -You can change the number without uninstalling the app Cons: -Opens Safari before calling 4.7/5 FREE For “speedy-readers” read bolded text. Speed Dial 1-4 are 4 separate applications that do the same thing. You justContinue reading “Speed Dial #1-4 – FATN”