Pros: -Full game, simply a port -Save up to 4 different instances -Interacting objects on screen as well as navigating by tapping in the direction you want to go Cons: -No in-game browser for hints (feature coming soon) -Not a “tome-waster” (could be a “pro” as well) -slide show movement Video (mobile version for now)Continue reading “MYST”


While this app came out some time ago, I have been meaning to write a review for this app, but I always end up getting distracted playing the game, then running out of time. So finally I have distanced myself from my iPhone to bring you this review. 🙂 This is easily one of theContinue reading “Rolando”

De Blob

De Blob is a simple game; you run the character around bumping into different buildings, coloring them.

Nanosaur 2

Pros: -Awesome Graphics -Intuitive Controls -“Neutral” Control Button (tells the iPhone what is the neutral position, allows you to play in any position) Cons: -May take some time to get used to the controls -Unless you have a significant amount of time to to sit down and play this game at any point in time,Continue reading “Nanosaur 2”