SuperSniper puts an interesting game in the palm of your hand. The whole idea of SuperSniper is to “snipe” terrorists through windows without hurting and hostages.
-Interesting gameplay
-Different levels of difficulty.
-Audio is needed in order to play game.
-Game gets rather boring after a few levels


Note*: You might notice that in iTunes the reviews are extremely low. Their original release had horrible controls that nearly made the game inoperative. With the release of 1.1, these issues have been corrected.

The game is controlled by tilting the device. You begin the game by holding the iPhone at a 45 degree angle away from you. Whatever position you have the iPhone at the beginning of the game will become the neutral position. As the game begins, a building number will be called out to you telling you where the terrorist it. By tilting the iPhone in the direction you want to go (tilt away – move up; tilt towards you – move down; tilt to the left – move left; and tilt to the right – move right). When you get close to the terrorist, the screen will zoom in as if you are looking through a scope You then have to slowly position the cross-hairs on the terrorist and “pull the trigger” by tapping on the button in the bottom right-hand corner.

You can pick whether you want to play on easy, medium or hard. You are given less time to find and snipe out the terrorists in the harder levels.

The main issue I had with this application is that you must have the audio on to hear which building you need to go to. On the first few levels on easy, you can get away with just moving around looking for the targets, but soon after that, you don’t have enough time to search for the target. At only $0.99 this application is worth a bit of fun.

This game has an interesting concept for a game and at only $0.99 this is a pretty good game. My main complaints are that you have to listen to the audio in order to play this game successfully and the gameplay itself gets boring after awhile.