-Multiple backgrounds
-Add photo as background
-Numerous “stickies,” “miscellaneous objects,” & “Comic Bubbles” to choose from.
-Multiple colors, sizes, and fonts for text.

-Cannot re-size stickies
-Cannot add a photo as a “sticky”
-No script-style fonts
-When “flipping” through each sticky, it slides from one to the other a little slow.
-Cannot save sessions.


Stick It is probably the best “Sticky” application I have seen for the iPhone. I initially cringed at the thought of doing a review for a “Stickies” application, as many of them are CrApp, but this one sticks-out way ahead of the competition (pun intended.)

When I first began the application, a bubble in the upper-left corner told me to add a new note by tapping on the “+”. I thought  – this was a nice addition to help the user to get started. In the “add new sticky” screen, you have three categories to choose from – Notes, Comic, & Misc.

You can flip through the notes by doing the flipping motion with your finger as if you were viewing photos. You then double tap on the image to use it. I found this a bit on the slow side as I wanted to quickly get to one of the stickies at the very end. A tiling view option would have been nice, tap to enlarge & double tap to use.

The blank note will then be placed. You can tap on and drag it into the place you want. You can tap on the round blue Icon to edit the text in the note or tap the red circle (X) to delete the note.

When editing the text, you’ll notice that you can change the font & size;

the color; and of course the keyboard. The one thing I felt that was missing in the editor were fonts that were themed with the notes. For instance, for the worn looking note – it would be nice to have a “handwritten” or “script” font.

Another nice feature – is the ability to customize he background. You can use a photo, a solid color, or one of the built in backgrounds (a fair number to choose from).

When you are all done and satisfied with your layout, you can tap Preview to see how it will look.

And then you can export the photo to you photo reel.

Overall I really liked taking this application for a spin. Like I said before, this is one of the better Sticky apps that I have seen. While yes, is does have some issues, the app show promise and offers a nice interface to work with. Another thing I’d like to not and it initially confused me – when viewing a preview of your background, you actually have to tap on the slide bar to exit the preview. I think it would be better if it was just a single tap anywhere on the screen & not have the animation either. Overall very well done.