-Mesmerizing effects
-Lots of controllable options

-Instruction screen disappears a little too quickly
-Controls can be difficult.

When I first learned about this application in the forums, it sparked my interest, until it said in the description “firework.” Then I was like ‘o great, not another ‘firework’ app. However soon after downloading this app, I soon found myself bedazzled by the app.

The best way to describe this app is a combination of – interactive firework application combined with the Flurry screensaver from a Mac.

This application has no sound and there really is no need for it either.

If you were to just open and watch your iPhone display, you would find a mesmerizing display of colors and bursts.

Besides just watching the app do its own thing, you have the ability to interact with the “flurry”. By pinching or expanding you fingers from the center of the screen vertically, you can change the diameter of the “flurries”.

By pinching or expanding you fingers on the right side of the screen vertically, you can change the colors of the “flurries”.

If that isn’t enough by using the same technique as described above on the left-hand side of the screen, you can change the length of the “flurries”.

And finally using the pinch/expand technique horizontally on the center of the screen you can change the speed that the “flurries” move at.

When you first begin the app, you will see a screen that displays instructions, however, I found that the screen disappears too quickly and you might have to use this review as a reference or exit the app and re-enter it to see the instruction screen again.

I also found that controlling the various changes of the “flurries” a bit difficult. Using the pinch/expand method, the variables changed a little too quickly. It was almost “this or that,” there almost seems nothing in-between. Besides the options of changing the “flurries” appearance, when you touch the screen, the “flurries” will follow. And finally (and the coolest part in my opinion) is when you double tap on the screen, each “flurry” will explode in firework-like fashion.

This app runs for $1.99 in the app store and is recommended for self-mesmerizing enjoyment or providing enjoyment for the “little ones.”

While I would like to see a “Tap-To-Continue” instruction screen and better handling of controls, I find this to be one of the best (and mesmerizing) “firework-like” applications in the app store.