-Super simple application
-3 color markers (for flagging items)
-Attach notes & due dates
-Easy custom sorting along with pre-defined sorting
-Search for items/keywords
-New item entry is quick

-Controlling app is away from “normal” look-alike app UI features
-Due date/notes are not displayed in-line with item (except when sorting items by due dates)
-Swipe to complete isn’t intuitive.
-No icon badge for items with due dates



What mainly led me onto this app was how the UI looked, in the screen shots- simple & elegant. While it is just that, it also has some issues.

The app itself replicates the creating of new lists much like creating a new document in the Pages app.

After creating a title, you can hit the “new item” button to begin adding items to your list. After the initial item entry, you just have to hit “return” on the keyboard to add another item, and so on.

Tapping on the “>” pulls up options for the item – give it a due date, add a note and whether to flag it one of 3 colors -red, orange or blue. While these things are nice additions to the app, I found them counter-intuitive as the note (even an abbreviated version) nor the date displayed when the dialog was closed- only a grayed-out “note” icon displayed. Of course the colors are quite apparent so there really isn’t a problem there. Also if the item is due on the current date or past due, then the usual “>” turns int o an orange “!”.

At the top of the list, there are four preset sorting options -list (the order you created and arranged the items in), by due date (if you have due dates assigned to the items),

by priority (red, orange, blue & white),

and finally the completed items on the list.

Within the “list” view, you have the ability to re-arrange the items much like you would do in any other item-sort on an iPhone/iPad. Tap and hold the “3 bar” icon on the far right of the item.

Within the completed items, you have the ability to “swipe-to-delete”…sorta. It deletes it from the “completed” section and adds it back to your list.

One of the things that got me twitching was the usability of the app. You might find in a lot of applications, that the User Interfaces seem to all work the same (e.g.: swipe to delete) However this application seems to against that norm. The app allows you to swipe an item to mark it as complete, tapping the “>” gives you more details (while that is a valid use, I found myself tapping the circle to mark it complete rather than wanting more details about it.) Like many Todo applications the due date is shown in-line with the item, in this app it is not. Of course once the item is complete, only then is there a date to show when the item was complete. There seems to be a lot of wasted space in the app. I suppose if each of your items were long (as in words) then you may not have an issue, but for short, quick lists, it just seems like too much wasted space.