**NOTE: While the app is still free the services are now pay-per-use or subscription-based. However, there is a trial offer.
* FATN stands for Free App To Note*

Let’s say you need to call an in-law but don’t want that awkward silence or conversation between the two of you, that’s where Slydial comes into play. Slydial connects you directly to a person’s mobile voicemail.

-Interesting concept


-You may have to listen to an audio ad.
-The person on the receiving end may receive a “half-ring”

Just leave them a message, because hey, after all, you did try to call them didn’t you…?

All you do is select a contact from you contact list of type in a number, then Slydial will do the rest.

The most the receiver will get (other than the voicemail of course,) is a half-ring, basically just enough for them to see they missed a call, but not enough time to pick up the call.

I sat down with a friend and we attempted to time our movements just right so that he would pickup on my first ring, to no avail, it didn’t work. As soon as it rang on his end, I heard his voicemail welcome message.

Slydial is a simple app, maybe too simple? Technically it doesn’t even have to be an app, it’s like having an app that calls 411 for you. It is an incredibly easy app to use, and it has a pretty cool idea behind it.