ShelfLife is a very simple application – it determines when you should throw out certain food in your fridge.

-Glance & know readability
-Easy to operate
-Database of items & their shelf lives
-Shelf Life is only accessible via Internet connection.
-Text on Item details is very small.

You simply to a search for an item and then add it via the online database. I really did not have a problem with finding the items I needed, however, I was unable to find “soy milk” in their database. In this case, you are able to add the item manually. You can set the title, the date you put it in, shelf life and how many of the item(s) you have.

Once you have found an item, you can add it to you Item List. The Item List displays all the items that are in your fridge (or elsewhere) that you have entered. There are color-coded buttons to the right of each item that let you know quickly and visually whether your food is bad or going bad. As is the picture below, the Chicken Breast needs to go.

Each item is editable, so if you wish to change the quantity for the amount you have one hand, you can do so as well as changing the start date & its shelf life.

When you tap on each item in your list, in small lettering, the date that it was added and the amount of time that remains in the item’s shelf life appears.

As a college student, I have a sign on my fridge that says “science experiments in progress” (here’s the sign for your viewing pleasure )
Sometime I put things in and then I am unsure how long it can stay there before I have to eat it or pitch it. This program odes exactly what it says it does, however, the only downside I found was that you had to be online to access the database. It would be nice if it had an internal database that could be updated via the program.