-Nice graphics
-Easy to play (instructions-wise)
-3D graphics
-Power-ups in-game
-No global scoring
-A little hard to play at the beginning


This application closely represents the “helicopter” type game. Where the object of the game is to make the ship fly through the tunnel without hitting the sides or the any of the barriers.

There are also powers you can pick up along the way – good & bad. Some of them make you ship invisible, makes the ship go faster, fly through barriers, slows the ship down, reverse controls & makes the ship smaller.

The application has 3 levels, however, I was never able to get passed level one. For me, I’d think that the first level should be significantly easier than the other levels, but I just got frustrated and gave up.

The controls are basic – tap the screen to make the ship go up, don’t tap the screen and the ship falls.

The sounds that the app make are okay. When you make the ship “go,” the sound loop for it it a bit repetitive for my tastes.

The app also retains high scores in case you want to track yourself along with anyone else that plays the app on your iPhone.

Overall I found this app quite out of character for some of the other applications that Readdle has created. Personally, I didn’t really find this game all that exciting. It was a little hard for me starting out and I eventually got frustrated and gave up. If you like this type of game, then you might be interested in this, but like I said, you might find it difficult right off the bat.