Mobile Ver.

-Best way to send a photo to another iPhone user
-Easy UI & direct

-No direct reply to SMS sender (not really sure they can do anything about it though)


The Story:
“Dude, look at that!” said my friend. I spun around to find a book titled “WTF!” I thought to myself, that’s perfect. Ooo ooo I need to send a picture of this to my Dad. O wait, my Dad doesn’t want write down an ID…. write down a password…go to a computer…type in the info…. doesn’t that defeat the purpose of having the Internet in the palm of your hand, I thought – if only there was a way to simplify this…

The Truth:
When someone sends me a “picture” I ignore it, I don’t have pen and paper with me all the time…I mean that’s why I have my iPhone… Well Quip can help with this – it basically simplifies the process:

You pick a picture or take one with the camera.

Then you select a contact to send it to.

You also have the option of adding text to the picture.

The receiver will receive an SMS message with a link….yes a link, and that’s it…well almost…

(*In the screen shot, you may notice that it says “Quip” at the top. I added the number that it comes from to my contact list…’cause I hate random numbers on the screen…don’t ask*)

They tap on the link and are taken to a website where the photo is being hosted (via Quip).

Since the picture is uploaded to the Quip servers and the receiver is sent a link to it. In order to reply to you, they have to tap on the phone number in the SMS message or do it manually. Also you can see that in the text message, the receiver is also given your name (your “from” name can be set in the iPhone settings tab, along with your “reply-to” phone number.)

I’ve really enjoyed this app. The only thing I’d like to see fixed- I’ve noticed that after taking a photo or selecting one from the library, to when you type in text, the photo preview seems to vies zoomed in & cropped. However when you send it, it is unchanged from it’s original state. So I am unsure whether this is intentional or not, but this is really just a nit-picky thing. For $0.99 this is a really great app.