Pyro Mania is a neat little app. You can create yourself your very own mini firework show.

-Nice particle graphics.
-Nice realistic smoke graphics.

-Fireworks bursts are the same 2 burst types.
-Firework colors are either in the pale side or over saturated, lot so much realistic.

It would be nice to see more firework bursts. Also sound active would
also be pretty cool and I think the particle graphics could be greatly



When you tap the screen a firework burst is created, if you touch the screen for about 2 seconds a larger burst is created (and the sound is larger as well.) If you move your finger across the screen a streamer
follows the path of your finger and a small burst appears where ever your finger stopped. Is also accompanied by a streamer-like effect.

The particle graphics in this app is fairly good. Depending on
the direction of the iPhone, the particle will fall downward. If
creating a lot of bursts, a realistic smoke/haze will appear and it
looks cool when the bursts light it up. However, I wish the smoke would
last longer – it would be more realistic.

So far I have been able to create up to 5 effects at a time (using 5 fingers).

Overall this is quite a neat app. It should give you a fair amount of entertainment and some replay ability.