-Very user friendly

-Wide range of years, 1948-2009

-The option to buy the song you’re listing to


-If you have bad service, song will cut out

I’ll be honest.  This is my first review of an app, so I felt it fitting to review one of the first apps I downloaded.  I bought it the second day I had my iPhone, and believe me, I am a frugal shopper when I look at apps.  So when I saw nuTsie’s Top 100’s, and for only $1.99, I figured it would be a good deal.

What I didn’t realize was how far back this thing goes!  Do you like Johnny Cash?  Elvis?  How about Ella Fitzgerald?  Nutsie goes back all the way to 1948, and finishes up at 2009.  That is 6,100 songs at your fingertips.  For $1.99, people.

It’s very simple to navigate, simply scroll to select your favorite year of music and let the music take you back.  Oh, what’s that, this song reminds you of bad memories from high school, getting a wedgie in the parking lot while someone’s car radio blasted “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera?  No problem, simply skip to the next song.

Essentially, nuTsie is a radio type app, like Pandora.  You can skip songs, you can purchase the song directly from iTunes, and you can even go to the YouTube music video while still in the app.

However, for you to enjoy the music to the fullest, you have to be in an area where you get full service, or at least a strong wireless signal.  Otherwise, you will be singing a capella at the top of your lungs to Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” when the music suddenly cuts out.

Overall, this is a good app for the cost.  Unfortunately, if you like alternative music that isn’t mainstream, you’re not likely to find many songs here that you’ll enjoy.  But I do have to say that this is an app that saves me from buying songs on iTunes, but keeps me guessing.  You never know when you’ll hear a song that you love, but you completely forgot about.