-Automatic location search – hence “MyWeather”
-Sleek UI
-Highly interactive radar/satellite/alerts map
-Severe weather alerts via Push
-World-wide data info (locations outside US have limited data)
-Multiple views

-No extended daily-horizontal-view. (6+ days)
-Weather forecast can sometime be inaccurate


MyWeather Mobile is by far one of the best weather applications in the App Store! Its intuitive data mapping and easy to navigate interface really make this app a winner!

MyWeather Mobile’s main advantage is that it automatically finds where you are and loads your weather data. While this is nice, you also have the option of adding more locations from all over the world (cities outside the US don’t have all of the same features though).

The app is split into three main sections. When the app loads you are presented with the current temperatures of all the cities you have listed in the top section & depending on which one you have selected, you are presented with a 7-day forecast in the bottom section.

In the middle is a tool bar that allows you to display the forecast, the weather trends or the radar/satellite/alerts in the bottom section.

For each of the cities you have picked, the app will list their current temperatures & conditions next to each city. If you tap on the little black arrow (not very visible), you can view more details about the current weather conditions: location of weather station, wind chill, dew point, humidity, precipitation today, wind speed & direction, pressure & whether it is increasing, decreasing or staying the same.

The app defaults to selecting your “MyWeather” By taping on one of your locations you can view the 7-day forecast and the hi’s & low’s for each day. (You can always remove the “MyWeather” or add cities by tapping on the “i”.)

Tapping on the trends allows you to view the current days forecast plotted over a 12-hour period, swipe right to view a second trend – a 12-hr precipitation forecast and lastly you can view a 12-hr wind speed & direction trend. While viewing the trends, if you flip the iPhone so that it’s horizontal, you can view the trends full-screen & they will become 36-hour forecast trends.

Lastly on the middle toolbar, you can tap on radar and the radar imagery will appear in the bottom pane. Again is you rotate the iPhone, you’ll be able to see the radar in full screen mode.

The orange dot on the map is the location you have selected and the other yellow dots are the other locations on your list.

You can pan & zoom in or out to see more or less of the map. I find this feature one of the strongest points for this app. If you tap on the screen once, a HUD (Heads-Up Display) will appear, this allows to change the map terrain – Road or Aerial (my personal favorite;) the Overlay – Radar, Satellite, and Alerts; the opacity allows you to set the transparency of the radar, satellite imagery and finally the play/pause button well it… erm… plays & pauses the animation.

If you tap on the Alerts view, you might notice several colors appear on the screen, in the bottom-right corner, an “i” icon will appear – this identifies what the alert colors stand for.


One of the most recently added features was PUSH notifications for weather alerts that you have listed in the app.

This can be a great help, especially when traveling. The alerts will appear as red push-pins in the main part of the interface until the alerts expire. Tapping on them in the main area or on the map will pull up the alert in more detail.

On a mildly unrelated note, last year I attended NAB (National Association of Broadcasters Convention) and ended up seeing the guys from MyWeather. I spoke with someone that works directly on the MyWeather Mobile iPhone app dev team. After I got done talking with him, I found out some substantial information. Firstly, and most importantly, MyWeather is the data collector & provider for several entities. What does that mean? This means that the data is likely to much more recent that other places that receive the data, then rebroadcast the data to you – leaving a delay in time.

Secondly, I found that they are eventually going to have the forecast expand viewable horizontally when the iPhone is rotated on its side.

Finally, I was told that they eventually hope to have this happen, but there really isn’t a release date – the ability to tap on the map and get current conditions for that area.

The only unusual or lacking things this app had was – when displaying the color map for the alerts, you have to tap the “i” again rather than tapping the map again. Also I really wish there was a 10-day, horizontal forecast view. Overall, this app is completely worth the money. However, I have had some issues with the forecast prediction (85-90% of the time its accurate.) I absolutely LOVE the radar and the way I can manipulate it (to even see satellite imagery of hurricanes in the Atlantic). The radar is incredibly accurate as are the current weather conditions. The interface is super clean & sleek and is highly recommended for anyone that keeps track of the weather on a daily basis.