– Accurate
– 6 calculations/ readings
– Nice graphical battery meter

– One battery color.
– No UI options


myBatteryLife does exactly what it says it does- tells you your iPhone battery life based on your hardware. MyBatteryLife, I believe, is the simplest application I have seen. The app displays multiple calculations regarding your battery – Remaining Talk Time, Internet on 3G, Internet on Wi-Fi, video playback, and audio playback.

The application also has a cool looking graphical battery meter that makes it easy to quickly reference. The calculations are large enough to see easily.

My main complaints are the fact that there isn’t any sort of options in charging the color of the battery. I’d also like to see multiple graphical meters that you can choose from. Also for the battery that is there, as it depletes it would be nice to have the color charge (eg. Battery at 20% – battery color is red, at 10% it blinks, etc.)