-Professional voice & audio
-Easy interface to switch between audios

-Photo in audio is hard to discern, if unfamiliar with technique.
-The info icon leaves the app unexpectedly


Meditate Now 2 is an application that contains a series of audio clips that capable of helping you alleviate stress and allow you to relax. The audio is narrated by Stin Hansen, whom is an extremely experienced speaker and an award wining meditation expert. Her voice is absolutely perfect for this type of application. Most of audios range from about nine minutes long to about 15 minutes long (with two exceptions being at three & five minutes)

The audios include:

(the following was paraphrased from the iTunes description)
Be Grateful – Relax and feel more gratitude in your life
Anchor your Spirit – bring substance to your life
Breathe It Out – breath meditation that is perfect for anxiety and feelings of panic
End Pain – bring relief to arthritis, labor, chronic, and surgery pains
Your Best Self – Connect with your full potential and move beyond daily concerns with the meditation
Serenity Prayer Meditation – recited at a time of trouble. Used in recovering alcoholics and addicts.
Center Your Chakras – Center and align your energy centers
Emotional Acupuncture – for emotional emergencies (also utilities a picture to show you how)

I also found that Stin offers a free podcast through the iTunes store. So if you are hesitant to get his application, you can always check out her podcast. I definitely recommend this app to anyone that listens to audios for meditation. While the ‘Emotional Acupuncture’ audio displays a picture, it is a little hard to understand what it is exactly saying to do. To alleviate this, it would be nice to have only certain parts of the picture visible that relate and change with the audio.