Koi Pond is an interactive Koi simulation game.

-realistic water movement
-realistic fish movement
-nice sounds

-graphics are not sharp as they should be.
-only 3 Koi



This is a very simple app. Basically the only functionality for this app is to play with the water and “feed” the Koi.

The are 3 different Koi that swim in & out of frame, from what I can tell they move randomly, it doesn’t seem like there is a pattern.

When you move your finger across the water, it ripples and quite realistically I might add (the picture below shows the ripples my finger was making).

You can also move the lily pads around, which make the water ripple as well.

The only reason I gave it 4 stars rather than 5 it the graphics of the whole app didn’t seem as sharp as other applications.