This app was originally free at the time of reviewing. As of 11-12-09 the app is currently $1.99 . The current rating does not reflect the price change.


FATN stands for Free App To Note

iPlant is a really neat application, it is a reference for you to view the medical and culinary information about a number of plants.


-Large database
-Large amount of info, including
– scientific name, medical, culinary & other popular uses
-Simple interface


-No pictures


On the main screen, it is a simple list of the plants and by tapping on the name you’ll see numerous details about the plant.

On the first details screen, you have a summary – the scientific name & summary.

On the food tab, you can view the food purposes of the plant.

On the Medicine Tab, you can view the plant medical uses and other popular uses.

On the Warning Tab, you can view any warnings or dangers about the plant.

On the final tab – Wiki – the application pulls up Wiki information.

This application is so simple yet very complex and very informational. I am not sure I would change much in this app, maybe the
addition of some pictures, but personally I’d rather have all of them with pictures or none at all. The application does exactly what is says it does and it does it well.