InvinciBall (developed by ProtonStudio) is easily described at a King-of-the-Hill game. The basic idea is to take your “ball” and knock other balls off the “island” before they knock you off.

Game Play:
There are 3 different modes of play: Classic, Survival, & Territory.

In Classic mode, there are several “scoring-zones” that are placed around the playing field and for every second you are on those scoring-zones, you receive 1 point. The first person (you or the iPhone) to 50 points wins.

In Survival Mode, you begin with 20 lives and attempt to knock the other players off the playing field. If you lose all your lives, you lose. The last one remaining wins.

In Territory Mode, roll across the scoring-zones to “capture” them. As they become the color of your player, for every scoring-zone you roll across and for every second they are your color, you earn a tenth of a point (0.1).

For all modes there are 3 difficulty levels (easy, medium & hard)

You drag your finger in the direction you want your ball to roll in. You can also hold 2 fingers down on the screen to stop.

The playing field itself is a 3D environment. Which with the included textures, the 3D environment is a nice addition to this game. The balls themselves aper as “3D smilies” however, as they move across the screen, they appear 2D – they always have the faces, facing you. I enjoyed watching the facial expression change depending on what I was doing in the game. I however wished that the balls themselves would actually roll across the play-field rather than “glide.”

Controls – While it seems that they developer thought it was better to use a drag method to control the ball rather than using the built-in accelerometers, I think it takes away from the game. By doing this, it is sometimes difficult to see the rest of the environment because you are covering it up with your finger. I also repeatedly found myself trying to tilt the iPhone to get the ball to move in the direction I wanted it to go. Quite frankly it just seems more natural to control this game using the accelerometers – something of which this game is missing.

Graphics – While the environment is 3D, the balls themselves are not – they are 2D. The balls appear to glide rather than roll across the game surface.

Game Play – The lack of environments is my main concern for this game. While the game only offers one environment, I’d like to see more. I also think the addition of multi-player would make this game phenomenal.

Other– The “Made with Unity” splash screen is unnaturally long for this game. Whether this is a loading screen or not, I am unsure. If it is, it would be nice to be told that on the screen.
Once the main menu loads and you select a mode, then a difficulty, it takes about 7 seconds to load. As soon as the actually game loads, there is a bit of lag in the game and also in the sound. This concerns me, as I feel that this application is taking up a huge amount of RAM.
Within the game itself, there is no way to pause or even exit back to the menu. You have to exit to the home screen then re-enter the application.
There is only one environment. I’d like to see more. Maybe even multi-islands would be awesome.
The balls are blue, except for yours – it’s yellow. In the Territory Mode, you are also yellow, but the other balls are blue, red & green. I think it would be nice to have the balls all different colors and consistently throughout the other game modes. It would also be nice to be able to select the color of your ball rather than just the standard yellow.

I think this game has a great future, but there are some things that really need to be ironed out – like the pause/return to menu issue and the control issue. It would be nice to have the option to pick which control method and possibly a sensitivity control as well.
I think it would be phenomenal to see on-line multi-player on this kind of a game.

-Addicting game play
-3D Environment
-3 Modes of game play

-Balls glide rather than roll
-No tilt controls
-No pause in game
-No menus in game
-No multi-player
-Only 1 environment