iNailsonBlackboard is a simple, one screen application and the screen represents a black chalkboard. When you touch the screen you iPhone emits a “nail-scratch on chalkboard” sound.

-Looks like a chalkboard
-Has a pretty good sound
-Half of the sound loops making it more annoying than cringing.
-Only one sound clip
-Screen is like one big button

Simple one-screen – blackboard

While I cringed as I heard the sound, I then realized that as I kept my finger down on the screen, half of the sound clip began to loop and did so up to 4 times. After that, the sound clip loops.

This application is really only for people that want to make other cringe, but the problem her is the sound is so short in length. I’d like to see a longer sound clip and possibly more than one sound clip that randomly plays when you touch the screen. Also the possibility on having to keep you finger in motion to make the sound rather than having it just stay static.

Note: Since I find this application quite useless…unless you really like this sound, I figured that this is going to fit a niche audience and really didn’t factor “usability” into my rating.