Mobile Version


-Numerous colors & burst types

-Record “show” feature

-Fluctuation in volume for small vs. large bursts


-Not a variety of bursting sounds

-No sound when you are creating a trail with your finger

-Logo at the bottom is a little distracting

-“Picture” on the record show details is somewhat odd.

iLoveFireworks, I link it one of the best firework simulation apps in the iTunes App Store!

It has what all the other firework simulators lack and even has an interesting “firework-show recorder”

Upon opening the application you can either tap on New Fireworks or playback a previously saved “show” (Replay Fireworks.)

If you tap on the New Fireworks button, you’ll be presented with a black screen and the iLoveFireworks logo at the bottom. If you tap on the screen you’ll see a random colored & style generated firework burst. (This is offtopic, but the first person to reply “I found it” will recieve a promo code for the app PhotoShow.) If you hold down your finger on the screen for a longer period of time (5+ seconds), you’ll hear a louder and thus a larger burst. If you move your finger across the screen, you’ll see a trail follow it and when you lift your finger, a large burst will occur as well.

The particle graphics were pretty good, as they do fall with gravity depending on how you are holding you iPhone/iTouch. While I like the particle graphics, I thought that they disappeared too quickly. One of the things I have yet to see is the “willow” burst in any firework sims. This one is no exception unfortunately.

While I enjoyed the numerous variety of bursts and colors, the really neat things about this application is that it starts automatically recording your session, when you are done you can tap on the “X” in the bottom right-hand corner, this will pull up a new screen that will allow you to name and rate your session and save them for later. When playing the sessions back at a later time, they will repeat themselves in the exact order and style as you had done before. When the recording period ends, it will repeat itself.


I think this application is fairly neat and it is about the same price as other firework simulators ($3.99). I am not exactly sure why they
decided to implement the record feature into the application other than its cool-factor, I thought maybe I could cue up some music off my iPod and set the fireworks to the music. While is is possible, it is a little difficult to time the two application to work at the same time.