Mobile Version

-High Quality Astronomy pictures
-Information provided with pictures

-Info page doesn’t scroll correctly
-Contact button refers to a webpage that doesn’t reference application.
-Contact button on main screen throws user experiece away from the norm.


iAstrology is an astronomy picture of the day viewer.

Each day a new picture can be viewed

If you tap on the “Info” button in the bottom left-hand corner you can view information about the picture.

The application itself seems to be a feed reader in essence, as under the the info screen after the description, it looks like other items that would normally be on a web page are are also included on this screen.

While viewing the image, in the bottom right-hand corner is an address, and all this really is, is the developer’s website. (it quits the app and opens in Safari) I can’t say that I am horribly fond of having the developers information on the initial screen… I’d rather have the standard “info” button take me to an about screen that has support or contact information.

Note to developer: The “support/contact” site needs to be redone. There is no reference to you developing the iPhone application on the current website.

I think the application does a nice job of viewing the pictures it does and having the information provided with it, however, I don’t like the fact that I can’t save the photo or favorite it or something in that sense. I think iAstrology isn’t a very good name for this app unfortunately, because quite frankly, I originally thought this application had something to do with Astrology, not Astronomy. The picture info page has something wrong with the scroll feature, it jumps about, it’s not smooth scrolling. While I think this application has potential, I don’t think it’s quite there yet, especially at $4.99