-Create multiple goals
-Create sub tasks to complete goals
-Journal entries
– Easy reference
-Sync with server

-Manual Slider
-No help file

4.1/5GoalTender help you to keep track of your goals and your progress.

GoalTender is essentially a Todo, but utilities the idea of having sub-categories as the Todo’s. Can you say New Year’s Resolution tracker? 😀

The main layout of this app contains a list of your goals that you have created along with how many days until it is due, and a “completion-meter” If it is due that current day, it will be in red, if it is due more than one day away, it will have a yellow tint to it. When you complete your goal, the item will turn green and move itself to the history tab.

What I found ultimately awesome about this application was the ability to see a meter of my progress next to the title of my overall goal in the main list as well at the days left until by goal was due.

In creating a goal, you create a title, then a you can decide whether you want to create a due date, have it due someday, or have the goal that must repeat every day, weekday, week, 2 weeks, every month, or even every year. Now your goal is set. You an go back and edit each goal by tapping on it in the main list view. From here you can set up a sub task that you must complete whether it is on a daily bases or otherwise. You can also list your progress in the journal entry section and you can move the slider over for the percentage you think you have completed toward completing your goal.
You can also create subtasks that can repeat on a per-day bases to help complete that particular goal.
Finally once you complete your goal, you can check it off or in case you fail (unfortunately), you can “x” it off your list.

In the main list view you can view your goals via three filters – Due, Someday (in case you don’t set a due date), or you can view the history of the goals you have either completed or failed.

Finally, you can set up an account on Goal Tender so that you can sync you goals with you account.

I found this application quite neat, it allowed a quick glimpse at what I needed to do to finish one of my goals and how far I was along. If you have several short term goals (possibly even a few long-term goals), then this might be a good investment for you and at only $1.99 it’s not a bad one.
Some of the things I’d like to see – creation of sub-goals that when checked off, it automatically progresses the slider/graph, rather than having to do it manually.

More screenshots here.