Glyph is a 3-or-more matching-type game, it is however much different than other games in that is adds small cut-ins & other small games, similar to Simon-Says – in which you has to memorize the way they light up. And then repeat it.

The goal of the game is to rid the playing board of rocks & gems by tapping the gems on the screen that are in clusters of 3 or more. The game tells you that you must “dig” through the gems to reveal “glyphs” in order to complete the level. So as the user gets rid of clusters, then break away the rocks behind the gems revealing the glyph. The best way to describe this is like a mix between a classic brick-breaker (pong) game and Collapse.

The controls are very straightforward for this game. Simply touch the screen where the guide tells you to do so. Throughout the game there is a guide that explains all the aspects of the game, this way you are not left to determine what certain things mean. If you already know the aspects of the game, you have the ability to skip through the guide.

The graphics in this game are really nice, right down to the details on the gems themselves. There are several animations that interact with you during game play that makes the game all the better. There are several instances where the game has cut-ins, where a narrator speaks to you about your quest in collecting all the glyphs/ruins. There are a few instances where the white text is overlaid on a light background making it nearly indiscernible.

If you cannot read the text, the narrator will read the text aloud and if you cannot read it, but can hear it, then you will hear the narrator speak the text. Along with the graphics there is very good sound quality in the game. Every level there is a rotation of background music, so the same three or so songs are not being constantly played over and over again, however, if you play a level for a long period of time the background music can get too repetitive and annoying (it can be turned off in the options menu). There are numerous sound effects in this game to help keep you immersed in the game as well.

If you like Zuma , then you should love this game.

Overall the game is priced currently priced at only $2 and is a “steal,” but in the near future, it will go up to $5.

Even at this higher priced it is still a recommended application for the iPhone