Game Crazy iPhone App, is an app for gamers. It is the first-of-its kind for an iPhone application. The app lets you view the details about new games and upcoming releases. You can watch trailers and even check trade-in prices. And if you happen to want to go get a game, there is a in-app store locator.The app is split into 3 main section: Games, Stores & Settings.

Under the Games tab, you can view all games, new releases and upcoming releases.

In the game details screen, you can view its number of players, systems it’s available fore, Publisher, rgular trdae in price, MVP trade in and the used price of the game. You can also find a synopsis about the game and view the trailer or find a store closest to you on where to buy the game.

Under the Stores tab, you can locate the closet store near you or search another city.

Under the settings tab, you can choose which systems you wish the app to view games for. So if you are only interested in games for your Wii & PSP, then the app will only display games for those systems.

I was quite surprised on how well the app was organized and how well it flowed. It was easy to find games for the systems I was looking for and even read a short amount about the game. This is a great app for any console, PC or Mac gamer!