FATN stands for Free App To Note


Fuzzyshot is a simple photo blog poster. It has only a few screens. A screen to take the photo and then a screen to add a title & a description of the photo. You also have the option of including geotag to be included with your photo. If the title is left blank, the current date will be inserted. I found the auto-current date quite nice as my photos I usually take are usually random, so the easiest way to group them, is by day. However if you are at a concert and you title the photo “concert” and then later take another photo with the same title, the photos will be placed in the same album under that title as long as the photos are taken within 24 hours of each other.

Once you hit submit, your photo is uploaded to a your photo blog hosted by Fuzzyshot. For example my Fuzzyshot photo blog is: Fuzzyshot | msbaylor’s Mobile Photos

I really enjoy having a place to display my photos “live” so that family and friends can see what I am up to. It is also a nice way to back up your photos if necessary (although one-by-one). Besides taking a picture within the app, you can upload a previously taken photo.

Since I own a domain, I just created a sub domain and forward it to my Fuzzyshot photo blog so it’s easy for people to remember it.

Overall I find the app very easy to use and it does exactly what it is supposed to do. Highly recommended.

Posted: 9-23-2008, 06:54am