Fitness Day Journal (iFiness on iPhone icon) is an application that helps you keep track of your fitness activities (exercises) by listing the instances you have done them and visual graphs of your activities

Fitness Day Journal is relatively simple and easy to use. On the main page, at the top is a graph and below it, is the list of your recent activities, most recent at the top. By tapping on the graph, you can rotate through three graphs – Daily Calories within the last month, Weekly Calories within the last year, Daily Calories within the last week.

I noticed that there was a yearly graph, however, if I were to keep track of my activities for a year on this application, there is no way to find one activity out of hundreds of activities completed. Also the graph is horribly small for any discerning ability to be possible.

To enter an activity to tap on the “+” button, the data that was last used will appear in the blacks and can be changed as necessary. I thought this was nice if you tend to do the same activities repeatedly. Also by entering your current weight it will auto estimate the Calories that you burned.

The activity list has hundreds of activities in it (or so it seems, didn’t count them.)
Within the activity panel, besides listing all the activities, there is also a tab for listing your most recent activities.

You can also search the database of activities in order find your activity. Many of the activities also have alternates, meaning there is walking, 2.5 mph and Walking, 3.0 mph or even Walking 3.0 mph, Downhill. So while there are numerous activities, there are just as many options for some.

I like the simplicity of the application, but I can’t see anyone using this application for an extended period of time. If you need small activity tracking for a short period of time, this might be the app for you, but if you are looking for something more complex for training, etc. The graphs are simply to hard to read and its simple log, is, well – too simple. With the ability to search your current log and enlarging the graphs or even the ability to customize and activity, this app will have more potential.

More screen shots here.