-Full keyboard
-Interesting take for a piano application
-Should be a fun app for kids

-Inaccurate template for tempo
-Sound quality poor for repetitive key presses.

FingerPiano is a piano app with a twist, it shows you which keys to press in order to play a certain song. All the song are classical songs from which you may have heard at one point in your life. There are some 52 songs within this application. Some of the songs include a left set and a right set. So you could possibly play along with a friend that has the same app.

As you tap each key the scrolling bars advance to you know which key to press next. In the top right-hand corner there are 4 buttons that look like a rewind, stop, play and a fast-forward buttons. The fast-forwards
& rewind buttons allow you to move from song to song. The play button will automatically play the song so you can hear the song and follow the tempo of it.

The blue bars represent the White-keys and the green bars represent the black-keys to be pressed. The length of each bar is supposed to determine how long of a pause there is before the next key is pressed,
however, this is not always accurate and is somewhat frustrating for the quicker notes.

The sound is okay for slow notes, but for fast notes, the notes cut off the previous notes, making it sound awful. You can press up to 5 keys at a time without getting distortion.

I would like to see the ability of scoring like a quitar-her-type game. And if nothing else, I’d like to see half on the song played by the app while the user plays the other half. Or something like a test-mode

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