-Badge icon appears on downloads icon to notify you of new “cookbooks”
-User submitted recipes with photos
-Sort recipes by different filters
-Easy to use UI
-Metric & English measurement conversion tables.
-Occasional crash when refreshing the Downloads page.
-No ingredient or step check off list.
-If you press the “sleep” button on your iPhone, it interrupts the download of new cookbooks.
-Photos don’t always appear in recipes (or aren’t there to begin with. A “default” image would be nice)

Finger Cookbook is as you may have suspected, a recipe app. But this app is different than any of the others in that, Chef bloggers can submit “cookbooks” containing 10 recipes or more to be submitted it to the app devs for implementation into the app!

Currently the application has recipes from 11 different blogs and contain some really good looking recipes I might add.

The UI itself is fairly basic, is split into five sections and is quite reminiscent of the iPhone’s First, you have the downloads section. This is where new cookbooks will appear as they are submitted, this allows you to only download the “cookbooks” that you want.

The second section is the Recipe section. This section lists your cookbooks that you have downloaded & their recipes within.

The third section is a favorites section. You can add recipes to you favorites for easy reference at a later time.

Fourth, is a the Search section. This is self explanatory…

Lastly, the fifth section is an explanation about the app & how to submit your recipes as well as some Conversion charts, in case you need to know how many milliliters are in 1/4 cup…

I was quite surprised by the quality of each recipe – written & photographed (might I add, the “Chestnuts soup with turnip tops” recipe from Irene binaghi, is mighty good.)

Some of the issues I encountered: I had the app crash when reloading the download page. This only happened to me twice ant was sporadic. In cookbooks, when displaying the list of recipes, a thumbnail photo is visible; however, in viewing the recipe by itself, the photo did not show up (this only occurred in some of them).

Overall this is a really neat concept. Some of the main things that I felt were missing from the app – a lack of check boxes to know which ingredients you have added or what step you are on. I’d really like to see this implemented. Another thing that would be really cool to see, would be a global rating system that users vote by only within the app.