Firstly, this is one of the worst apps in the store. Secondly I was a sucker & purchased it. Why? Mainly because I was waiting for DailyBurn to release their highly anticipated iPhone app . I saw it and bought the app without even reading the description. FAIL.

-You get to make fun of people that buy this app.

-Drains battery (God forbid.)

The app description says:

FatBurner2K is the only application for the iPhone specifically designed to vibrate fat molecules. In fact, the application is so
focused on shaking your fat molecules that it’s the only thin[g] it does.

Yeah, shake…. Something else comes to mind when it starts vibrating… not a fat burner…it even has a ‘pulse’ setting…

I however, will say that on the DailyBurn blog, they did mention that this was a complete joke. So while giving them some sort of credit, they did but the app under the “Entertainment” category, yet, the app is still CrApp…