This was a review I wrote a while back, but forgot to post it. Fortunately, the app is no longer available.

I have no idea why I bought this app, must have been one late night…

It’s adds another tally to the pointless/worse app category. the app is a virtual stove-top at you finger-tips..!

There are two buttons in the bottom right corner, when you touch the left one of the two, the left burner comes on with a click and 1:30 shows up in the timer window above the button pressed.

If you press the right button, the right-most (smaller) burner turns on and the timer appears above the button. The more you press the button(s) the more time that is added to the timer. When the timer runs out, that corresponding burner turns off. It you touch any of the burners, you’ll hear a sizzling sound and a noticeable cold spot on the burner.

After turning the large burner on, if you “rub” the burner an “evil burner” will appear and depending on how you rub it will make a purring/growling sound and will rotate if you move your finger around the burner.

There really aren’t any pros nor cons to this app, it’s pointless…

-Um Interesting idea?

-Not worth $2

Personally I think pointless apps should cost anything, but o well.