Earthscape is somewhat comparable to Google Earth, but for iPhone.

-‘Smooth’ zooming of maps (instead of going to gray every time you zoom like the built in maps app)
-‘3D’ view
-intuitive controls (not time consuming to zoom all the way out)
-picture geotagging-wiki geotagged articles
-rotates in any direction
-Using the EDGE network didn’t seem to slow this app down.
-Creation of “homepages” & personal accounts to save, view & share pictures (still under construction)

-no ability to reposition geotagged photos on map (Edge network doesn’t always nail my location…)
-Some areas do not have enough imagery when zooming into street level (compared to Google Earth)

I originally bought the app for $9.99 and now it’s free. My rating will be in regards to it being $9.99, long before Google Earth even came outas an app.

4/5 Stars

1. Satellite maps are the only maps, no road labels. There is however city, state and border labels. Also many of the labels have Wiki geotagged articles associated with them (or any wiki article that has a geotag to it)

2. The “locate me” feature is quite nice. You can zoom in to where you are, and then find the wiki articles nearby. Especially if you are in a town/area you wanted to know a little history on, etc. You just click on the wiki label and the wiki page loads within the app.

3. Earthscape added a new feature that allows the user to take a picture and geotag it to your location. You then can view the map with all the photos that are most recently were posted to Earthscape’s map.

4. ‘3D View’ When applied it resembles the 3D view in Google Earth. When using one finger to navigate the image, it’s like looking around in a bubble, it you use two fingers, you can move you point of view.If you use two fingers to navigate you actually pan around instead of “looking around”

5. In the newest current version there is the ability to Search. The app will search places, wikipedia articles, and photo titles. They have also added the ability to add titles to photos.